March 28th, 2016

There are times when you think you have a good idea, and then once you follow through on that idea you realize that it was a horrible idea. That was the case with this episode's topic. Since the guys already covered a couple of werewolf movies from 1981 they thought it would be a good idea to cover one more from that year. Turns out that was one of the worst ideas they have even come up with. This time around it's all about Wolfen, which turned out to not be about werewolves at all. But, in order to please their fans the demonic duo marched through this episode. Don't worry, the episode turned out a lot better than the movie was. 

The episode opens with new music from Shooter Jennings, and Loretta Lynn. Then closes with a song from a band that shares their name with this episodes theme, Wolfen. 
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