Nick Castle

January 16th, 2018

With the exciting news that Nick Castle has been cast as The Shape once again Shanon and Mark couldn't resist the opportunity to do an episode dedicated to Nick Castle. As the guys anticipated, this is as much a Halloween episode as it is a Nick Castle episode. But, who's surprised...really?


Old Songs From Horror Movies

January 9th, 2018

The Original Songs From Horror Movies was well received, so Shanon thought he'd give it another go. This time choosing songs that are featured in horror movies that were not written specifically for that movie.



January 2nd, 2018

Hostel is one of those horror movies that it seems all horror fans have seen, but for some reason Mark and Shanon had not. So. they decided it was time to give it a viewing and then talk about it.



December 25th, 2017

Mark and Shanon dive into one of their childhood favorites, Beetlejuice. As with most episodes, the guys are all over the place. They cover how as you age you go from drooling over Winona Ryder to drooling over Catherine O'Hara. They also talk about the oddity of one particular scene getting briefly edited in some releases of the film. But, mainly they discuss what a great movie this one is. 


The Last Jedi

December 19th, 2017

SPOILERS!!! The Last Jedi is finally out and Mark and Shanon didn't waste anytime getting an episode together to discuss it. SPOILERS!!! They touch on the highs and lows of the film. SPOILERS!!! They share their thoughts on how they would like to see this trilogy end. SPOILERS!!! As with most of the Horror Heads episodes, if you haven't seen the flick yet then you might want to avoid this episode. SPOILERS!!!


The Babysitter

December 11th, 2017

Mark makes his triumphant return after being MIA for a couple of episodes. There is no better way to celebrate his comeback other than doing an episode about one of the unexpected great horror flicks of the year. This episode is all about the Netflix original, The Babysitter. As with most of our episodes, if you have been meaning to check out the movie, but haven't quite gotten around to it just yet, then you might want to wait to listen. This episode isn't necessarily filled with spoilers. But, we give enough of the movie away, that's for sure.


Charles Band

December 4th, 2017

Well here we are again. Mark was under the weather, so Shanon manned the ship alone again. This episode is supposed to be about Charles Band, but it's more about Full Moon. Be sure to listen till the end. There might be something special, you just never know. The link Shanon promises is below.


Favorite Original Songs in Horror Movies

November 27th, 2017

Shanon's flying solo in this episode. To mix it up a little he thought he'd give up being a horror host for an episode, and try being a DJ. Shanon picked a few of his favorite original songs that were recorded specifically for horror movies. You'll hear from artists Alice Cooper, Dokken, Lääz Rockit, The Ramones, and John McDermott.


Fall 2017 Behind The Scenes

November 22nd, 2017

We get asked from time to time 'what is it like when you guys have a normal conversation?'. Well that's simple. It's just like every episode of the podcast. This episode is a perfect example. This was recorded prior to our Stranger Things 2 episode. We touched on various Halloween topics, including the newly photographed 'Hero' mask, the 1978 film, and the upcoming 2018 film to name a few. Then we touched on It, and also there are a few teasers for a couple of upcoming episodes. 


Ode To The Video Store

November 12th, 2017

Mark and Shanon reflect back on a simpler time. A time when you could go browse the horror section at your local Mom and Pop video store. This episode is devoted to those local treasures of yesteryear. 


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