SnM Undercover 3

August 21st, 2016

Life is one of those unpredictable burdens that you just have to put up with. The guys weren't able to connect to record a new episode this time around. Luckily Shanon had some footage from back in June before the Pet Semetary episode was recorded. Otherwise you would of been stuck just listening to him ramble on about nothing for a bit. As you have probably figured out by now these two have basically the same conversations from time to time. This time around it starts off with who's drinking what. Then it moves to life in general. They talk about The Conjuring 2 briefly before talking about Facebook. Podcast listening habits comes up before they get into a big discussion about, you guessed it, VHS. The whole episode is filled with On The Air don'ts, which are not limited to coughing and eating. 

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