April 29th, 2019

Mark and Shanon are sticking with another movie that Joe Bob Briggs recently hosted on The Last Drive In on Shudder. This episode is all about Deathgasm. 

Q – The Winged Serpent

April 22nd, 2019

This episode is a bit of a dual episode. The guys talk about Q – The Winged Serpent, which was a recent feature on The Last Drive-In hosted by Joe Bob Briggs. Enjoy!

The Burbs

April 14th, 2019

In true Horror Heads fashion, this episode Mark and Shanon spend 90% of the episode talking about anything but the movie they are supposed to be talking about. But, they do spend a good 10% talking about The Burbs.

Pet Sematary (2019)

April 8th, 2019

This episode the guys talk about the 2019 version of Pet Sematary. With this episode coming out right after the movie was released it's safe to say SPOILER. Do not listen to this episode if you don't want to hear any SPOILERS. This episode does end in a Horror Heads first as well. No spoiler on what that is though.

Graveyard Shift

April 1st, 2019

Shanon and Mark discuss the early 90s film adapted from one of Stephen King's short stories, Graveyard Shift. Like the original story this episode is short, and to the point. 


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