March 27th, 2018

We start out the episode with a little in memoriam to Jim Hendricks. Then the guys jump into Re-Animator. Sit back with your favorite cheap beer, and discount popcorn, and enjoy!

The Ritual

March 19th, 2018

Mark and Shanon sit down to discuss another Netflix movie. Plus, it's a pretty recent flick on top of that. This episode they are talking about 2017's The Ritual. 


March 13th, 2018

This episode the guys go back to the mid 70s to talk about the 1976 Stephen King adaptation, Carrie. 

February 2018 Undercover

March 5th, 2018

This weeks episode is another 'behind the scenes' Horror Heads. This was the conversation that took place before the Prom Night episode was recorded. As you have heard from other episodes like this one, the guys really do talk about the topics they cover on the show all the time in real life. This episode features Svengoolie, which type of Horror Heads episodes tend to draw the most listeners, Friday the 13th on Blu-Ray, VHS tapes, those feel good movies of the late 80s/early 90s, and of course it wouldn't be a Horror Heads episode without a little Halloween conversation.


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