Late Phases

August 28th, 2016

The guys take a crack at another werewolf movie. One of the two thinks they should stick with 80s werewolf movies, while the other is OK with new ones. This episode is pretty short and sweet. The guys stick to the 2014 movie, Late Phases, and don't veer off course too much. 

SnM Undercover 3

August 21st, 2016

Life is one of those unpredictable burdens that you just have to put up with. The guys weren't able to connect to record a new episode this time around. Luckily Shanon had some footage from back in June before the Pet Semetary episode was recorded. Otherwise you would of been stuck just listening to him ramble on about nothing for a bit. As you have probably figured out by now these two have basically the same conversations from time to time. This time around it starts off with who's drinking what. Then it moves to life in general. They talk about The Conjuring 2 briefly before talking about Facebook. Podcast listening habits comes up before they get into a big discussion about, you guessed it, VHS. The whole episode is filled with On The Air don'ts, which are not limited to coughing and eating. 

Stranger Things

August 6th, 2016

First up is an interview with John Carpenter, Stephen King, and Stephen Spielberg. Then this episode starts off with some discussion about old cartoons and original Nintendo games. Then moves to old computers, and the good old days of file sharing. Shanon and Mark eventually get around to talking about the new Netflix series, Stranger Things. Don't worry this episode is spoiler free. So, if you haven't seen the show yet you'll be good. They wrap stuff up with a discussion about folks viewing habits. Of course we can't make it through an episode without Mark gushing over John Carpenter. 

The Monster Squad

August 1st, 2016

Shanon and Mark take another trip down that old memory lane, and visit the good ol' days of the 80s once again. This episode focusing on the 1987 movie that featured all the classic monsters, The Monster Squad. Guns N Roses are starting to become the new Halloween. The guys spend a bit of time talking about that band during this episode as well.


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